Alva Nanoface Interface Audio USB/MIDI 12 canais

Alva Nanoface Interface Audio USB/MIDI 12 canais
Alva Nanoface Interface Audio USB/MIDI 12 canais Alva Nanoface Interface Audio USB/MIDI 12 canais Alva Nanoface Interface Audio USB/MIDI 12 canais
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ALVA Nanoface: Sound quality, extraordinary features and ease of use, real analog hardware monitoring and low latency drivers for Windows and Mac OS X - all together in an awesome design housing.

  • Audio: 6 inputs + 6 outputs
  • MIDI: 1 x input + 2 x output
  • 4 x analog I/O (channels 1-4)
  • Digital optical SPDIF I/O (channels 5-6)
  • 2 x Mic preamps including phantom power (analog inputs 1/2)
  • 1 x Hi-Z instrument input (alternatively usable instead of analog input 2)
The Nanoface provides 6 audio I/Os – enough for a small home studio, a DJ- or surround setup. A MIDI input and two MIDI outputs form a perfect combination to connect a keyboard and external synthesizers or samplers. 
Four analog inputs – two of them equipped with high-quality mic preamps - allow the simultaneously recording of different sources at the same time, like a microphone, an electric guitar and a synthesizer.
Four analog outputs provide a flexible setup for  monitoring two stereo signals at the same time, e. g. with main speakers and headphones. The signal from output 1/2 can be routed to output 3/4 and individually adjusted. 
The digital I/O works in standard SPDIF format. This makes the Nanoface the perfect partner for a digital signal from a CD player, or an effect unit as a source for an external DA converter.
Analog sound quality
Normally, great converters are expensive! With the Nanoface, we´ve changed the game. Thanks to the years of experience of our development team, we´ve integrated a very sophisticated circuit design. 
The result: an extraordinary audiophile sound. 
Mic preamps
The Nanoface provides two mic preamps with very low noise and distortion specifications. Including switchable 48V phantom power for condenser mics.
Instrument input
Electrical instruments - guitar or bass - need a special instrument input with Hi-Z characteristics for direct recording. The Nanoface provides an instrument input directly on the units right side.
Optimal for spontaneous jam sessions with a notebook or as mobile recording station without the need for more equipment – live or with band rehearsals. 
Pocket studio
Some companies brag about the size of their interfaces compared to the competition. The Nanoface lives up to its name - it measures only a quarter of the size and provides more I/Os than some bigger interfaces. 
In doing so it´s light as a feather. The elegant gloss black housing weighs less than a key in your pocket.
USB for all
The Nanoface is the perfect solution for musicians or DJs, who need a complete recording studio not only at home, but also on the road and want to compose or mix music in quality they are accustomed to, or just want to listen in the best possible headphone quality. 
It only needs one USB 2.0/3.0 connection, to transfer all audio and midi data in and out of the computer. 
Bus-powered! The Nanoface works completely with the power from the USB connector. It does not need a power supply. Work anywhere: 
in a cafe, park, train or even an airplane. Take advantage of your new personal freedoms!
Dead easy!
Most interfaces provide a big software package with useful features, but have a steep learning curve and consume the most important thing a musician doesn’t have.  Time. Time to mess with all the technical stuff. 
The ALVA designers decided to try another way: Sensible downsizing, reduction to the max - with total functionality.
The Nanoface is designed as partner of modern digital audio workstations. There are no software option dialogs or an integrated mixer. Just a highspeed driver. ASIO and WDM for Windows, Core Audio for Mac OS X. 
All modern audio programs provide a low latency engine, an integrated mixer with plug-in support and monitoring features. They emulate a complete studio workflow. Some audio interfaces try to do the same and thus doubling not only these features, but also the time to mess with them. 
The Nanoface is different. All features - including volume, monitoring, preamp gain and phantom power for the microphones - can be controlled with ONE multi controller (the “Encoder”). Directly on the unit. In combination with an audio sequencer this is what most all musicians need. No more. No less.
This results in a simple learning curve and extraordinary usability - ideal for live situations.  
The Encoder. What can be controlled:
  • Output 1/2: gain
  • Output 3/4 (Phones): gain
  • Route output 1/2 to Phones output
  • Output 1/2 on Phones output: gain
  • Input 1/2: gain (mic/instr. preamps)
  • Input 3/4: gain
  • 48V for inputs 1 and/or 2
  • Switch input 2 to Hi-Z input
  • Hardware monitoring for inputs 1/2
  • Reset to default values
Nanoface connection example
You can connect all of this equipment at the same time!


Download do Manual de Utilizador.

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